Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Next tips in the series:

Ship Quickly

  1. Print the PayPal payment notice for an easy and complete order slip.
  2. Use USPS provided packaging whenever possible.
  3. Order from U-Line or another major supplier for cheapest packaging.
  4. Order free shipping labels from FedEx. These work with any service and only require that you sign up for a free account. Call 1-800-257-0109 and order free self-stick laser labels (part number 146525).
  5. Print labels directly from USPS for a discount.
  6. Schedule USPS carrier pickups. They are free and save you the effort of going to the post office.

Yes, sounds like we are getting kickbacks from USPS or something. In actuality, we have tried all the other major shippers and for domestic shipping (and even most international shipping) US Postal Service is the cheapest and easiest.

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