Monday, December 24, 2007

Devie Pirate

We were looking at old pictures today and came across the Devie pirate. Yarrrr!

BPA - The silent killer (or at least the estrogen assassin)

I was previously a journalist for my high school newspaper in my younger years. During this time, I learned the impact that images could have on a written story.

With this in mind, I felt it was only appropriate to lead off with the skull n' crossbones.

I started writing this post after reading the following article on CNN this morning:

AP story on BPA

So what exactly is BPA? I had to look this up as I haven't seen it before. Its full name is Bisphenol A, which is a phenolic compound used in the synthesis of many different types of plastics. Most notably for our purposes, BPA is an important component of polycarbonate. For our interest, polycarbonate appears in most hard plastic water bottles that are available for consumer purchase. While BPA is simply a precursor chemical, it does appear in the end product as chemical reactions are rarely fully completed. As such, it can leach from the completed polycarbonate material into the surrounding environment.

As far as health effects go, it is a compound known to interfere with estrogen in the human body. This leads to a wide range of potential problems that can arise.

For more info on BPA, check out:

BPA information from Wikipedia

What are the solutions? Buy a SIGG water bottle of course. While they are lined with an epoxy compound (another type of polymer) they are completely BPA free. Or, if you really want to go for polymer free try one of the stainless steel flasks which we offer. Only slightly heavier and very durable.

Happy Holidays and drink safely!

Friday, December 21, 2007

What We Don't Do

I was trying to think of something to post about this morning. Then, this arrived from UPS:

What's the issue, you say? Packaging.

The item we purchased was a 4 gig mini sd card measuring 4 x 6 x 1/2 inches with a weight of about 1 ounce.

The packaging was a 8 x 10 x 6 inch box filled with non-biodegradable syrofoam weighing at least twice as much as the card.

This excess packaging is wasteful, unnecessary, and must be costly for the seller. Oh well - we'll just reuse it!

Happy Holidays and a SIGG flask.

what can you put into a SIGG flask? Water of course, but how about egg nog or beer or bourbon? The robust stainless steel construction can handle anything you care to carry. Whatever you choose, have a happy holidays while enjoying the beverage of your choice.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Holiday Giving

For us at Baying Hound, charitable giving is a matter of social responsibility. We work hard to earn your business and are fortunate enough to have a profitable company because of it. We believe in supporting organizations with at least 1 percent of those profits.

A few weeks ago we asked for your input on which charities to choose this year. We looked over all the recommendations and are proud to announce our support of the following non-profit organizations:

Clintonville Beechwold Resource Center: our neighborhood food pantry and social services provider
Capital Area Humane Society: Columbus' independently funded animal shelter.
WCBE: Central Ohio's public radio station
Nature Conservancy: Organization that protects and preserves natural spaces in the US and around the world.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Technorati - Here come the hounds!

To increase the visibility of our blog, I am adding it to Technorati. Thanks, Small Business Ideas Forum, for the advice to do this!

Check out my Technorati Profile if you wish.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

The SIGG Bottle visits India.

Greetings from India. My SIGG blue touch 1L traveler water bottle is sitting on a ledges looking out over the Arabian Sea. This picture was taken from the Sun-n-Sand Hotel at Juhu Beach in Mumbai, India.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Metro Mug Review

Item: SIGG Metro Mug

Materials: High quality double-walled Stainless Steel
Volume: 8.5 ounce /13 ounce
Height: 7 inches / 9 inches
Diameter: 2.5 inches / 2.75 inches
Top: plastic screw top with stainless steel vacuum top
Colors: pastel pink (8.5 ounce), pastel blue (8.5 ounce), deep blue (13 ounce), silver (13 ounce)

Review Summary: This is a lovely, stylish, quality container for your hot or cool beverage.

My first impression of the metro mug is stylish. The slimmed profile looks light and airy, not chunky like your grandfather's thermos. The colors are rich and the finish is slick and smooth.

I tested the pictured pastel blue 8.5 ounce metro mug. The day we received these mugs, I washed one, poured in near boiling water, threw in a tea bag, took it out in five minutes, screwed on the lid, and walked out the door. A half hour later I unscrewed the top to take a drink and the tea was still near boiling hot. I left the lid off for about ten minutes and it was finally cool enough to drink. I took a few sips and had to be on the go again. When I got home and remembered the mug five hours later the tea was still hot! SIGG says these mugs will keep beverages hot for six hours and I tested it to be true.

The stainless steel bottle opening is perfectly designed to give you a cool, easy drinking lip. The lip is full enough to comfortably sip with no dribbles. I was surprised to find that the lip remains cool even when the drink is hot.

This mug is not well suited for drinking and driving because you must unscrew the top each time you drink. I typically take short drives within the city or ride passenger, so this is not a big downside.

The 8.5 ounce size is sized for a single serving of a drink. I use the 8.5 ounce as a mug at home and refill from the coffee pot throughout the morning. It keeps the coffee extra hot. However, for the commuter, 8.5 ounces of beverage may not get you through the morning. The 13 ounce size is great for the commuter, or for transporting hot cocoa for two.

I did not test the handling properties of the metro mug for cold beverages. I do not prefer iced drinks even during the summer. I do know a little about thermal properties - double walled construction should work equally well for both temperatures. SIGG claims cold beverages will stay such for 12 hours.

My biggest complaint about the metro mugs is that the small size only comes in pink and pastel blue. Both of these look feminine. I would like to see something more gender neutral, especially for people looking to give gifts. The dark blue 13 ounce size is a stunning color for men

Rating: five howls (out of five)

Monday, December 03, 2007

Charity Nominations sought

Part of the Baying Hound sustainable business plan is to donate 1% or more of profits to charitable organizations. Last year we supported Capital Area Humane Society, Citizens for Humane Action, Clintonville-Beechwold Community Resource Center and our local public radio station, WCBE.

This year, we are opening the nominations to you, our dedicated readers. If you volunteer or financially support a 501(c)3 eligible charity, nominate them to receive some of our donations this year. Send us an email with the website, physical address, and a short 4 - 5 sentence paragraph telling us what the organization does and why we should support it.

We will pick the best 3 - 4 charities and announce our choices on December 17!

Nominations are due December 14. If we pick your charity we'll send you a free gift too!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

New SIGGs are in

Based on customer feedback we ordered some new SIGG designs and they are finally in the store! Pictured are a few of the ones we expect to be popular.

Order yours now - SIGGs are selling out all over the web, including in our store.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Five Things to do with your SIGG

Other than take a drink, that is.

1) Call in the hounds with a thermos.

2) Use as an icepack: a SIGG filled with cold water will take the edge of a bruise or cool you down on a hot day.
3) Roll out some dough. Empty or full, SIGG 1 L bottles make a great substitute rolling pin.
4) Defend yourself. I take some comfort thinking my nighttime water bottle could be thrown at an intruder. Well...maybe not the best defense, but at least the bottle wouldn't get broken if thrown and it's better than sleeping with a frying pan on your bedside table!
5) Play a song.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Two Days only Gift Sale!

For two days only, Monday November 26 and Tuesday November 27, we will offer 15% off everything in the store! Simply use the coupon code 'hohoho' at checkout.

Buy your gifts now and save!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Audits away....

So we buy helmets as surplus from the Department of Defense. As part of the purchasing process, we must complete an End Use Certificate (EUC) stating what the final disposition of the purchased items will be. The rationale for this is that kevlar helmets are items that both the State Department and Commerce Department place restrictions on. As such, we may only export them to certain countries and in certain quantities.

If you are reading this from your local cyber-cafe in Pyongyang, I am sorry to inform you that I cannot sell you ten kevlar helmets.

Since we have made several purchases from the Department of Defense along these lines, our names came up as being ripe for an audit to determine our proper handling of these items. So we had a visit from a representative of the DoD this morning. She was very pleasant and courteous, and was pleased to see that we are controlling our products very well. She gave us a thumbs up on our understanding of the trade regulations and left after a short while. It ended up being a fairly uneventful encounter all-in-all.

It was interesting as for most of my professional career, I have been in the shoes of the auditor in one form or another. I am used to asking the questions, not answering them, and this experience gave me at least a slightly better understanding of how the relationship feels from the other end.

Hound + Kid + Food = Funny

We ran out of dog food today. This afternoon we shopped at PetPeople, the most upstanding local pet store, to replenish our supply. (Of course, we also had to go next door to Clintonville Outfitters, hands down the best Columbus outdoor store.)

Walking up the stairs to our house, our daughter was babbling about "Devie barking. Running round." She and the hound both know the drill: dog food day is the best day ever.

Watch what happened next:

Monday, November 19, 2007

Holiday Retail Season

This is the first holiday retail season that we are actively trying to grab hold of the holiday buying spirit. How?

We just sent our first newsletter to all past customers. We placed our second order with SIGG and expect new designs listed in the store around December 1. We are listing auctions on Ebay four days a week for the next two weeks to coincide with the biggest shopping days of the year. Will it work?

Follow along for the ride!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dash to your assistance!

In a moment of weakness a little while ago, I confided in Alex that I would like one of those fancy smart phone thingys. Today a new T-Mobile Dash arrived on our doorstep.

Alex spent some of the afternoon programming the phone. I updated and added contacts this evening. I have used it to make one trial phone call and send one text message. (My old phone didn't even let me send text messages.) I haven't tried email yet, but soon I should be able to post to the blog with the Dash. has come so far!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Monsoon Gearslinger Review


Dimensions (main compartment) : 18" (High) Tapers from 16" wide at base to 6" wide at top.

Total Capacity : Over 1600 cu. in.

Hydration (two) : Up to a 100oz/3L reservoir (rear hydration pocket), 1L water bottle (side pouch)

Shoulder Support : Wide shoulder strap (tapers from 4.5" to 3")

Waist Support : Concealable 1.5" waist strap

Empty Weight: 2.8 lbs

Maxpedition is a small American company based in Gardena, CA that specializes in innovative hard-use nylon gear. Their product line ranges from wallets and small pouches to medium sized backpacks. They are best known as companies for their single-shoulder carry versipacks, but have other unique products in their lineup as well. This review will focus on one of their larger items: The Monsoon Gearslinger.

Traditional backpacks have been a carrying method of choice for many centuries. In recent years, single-strap packs in the design of messenger bags have gained increasing popularity with a large section of the public. Maxpedition has further expanded this market with the introduction of versipacks and now gearslingers. The gearlslinger is a cross between a backpack, messenger bag and versipack all in one. The gearslingers are designed to be carried slung across the body and laying at an angle across the back. They have all of the functionality and capacity of a traditional backpack while enjoying the versatility and easy on-off motion of a messenger bag or versipack.

The Monsoon gearslinger is Maxpedition’s largest gearslinger, and the pack is available in black, OD Green and Khaki. The listed capacity is over 1600 cu. In. and it has a plethora of pockets and compartments in which to hold all of your gear. I recently had the opportunity to take a Monsoon pack on a business trip in Europe. I utilized the gearslinger for both business purposes and for leisure activities during my time off. I found it to be a very good item to have along as it was able to transport all of my business items as well as serving double duty as a pack for sight-seeing and souvenir hauling. Like all Maxpedition products, the pack is incredibly well crafted and intended for rugged use.

For my business purposes, I loaded it up with a laptop computer, business files for two weeks of work and assorted electronics (cell phone, chargers, camera, etc…). The pack shouldered well and was professional enough in appearance that it did not stand out solely as a backpack. Files were easy to get in and out, and my laptop sleeve functioned quite well in the main compartment of the pack. I carry a small laptop and thus had no trouble carrying it in the Monsoon. It should be noted that laptops over 15” may be very difficult to fit if not impossible due to the tapered contour of the pack.

On my weekend off, I unloaded everything except a camera, water bottle, cell phone and rain jacket and headed into Paris. The pack was at home everywhere I went. For crowded areas I especially liked the secured waist-belt compartments for my wallet and passport. I had no concerns about pickpockets with a zipper and snap closure in their way. A jacket folds up and stows very well beneath the compression panel, and is easily retrievable. Souvenirs were easy to fit into the bag, and It didn’t feel overloaded even with a couple of bottles of wine, bread, cheese and fruit. While loaded, I appreciated the wear panel on the bottom outside of the pack. It really served to cushion and protect items inside the pack.

One of the nicer features on this pack is the quick-release buckle on the front of the shoulder strap. This buckle was very easy to undo and allowed for the bag to be quickly doffed upon entering a plane, car or train. While it took a few times, It became very intuitive as to how to sling the bag over my shoulder and then secure the shoulder strap clasp. Beyond this, I appreciated the plethora of external and internal pockets available on the pack. My camera, cell phone, mouse and other peripherals all had a dedicated spot in the bag. There were also several unused pockets for further items if necessary. A final plus I have not touched upon is that, like all of their other bags, if you want to expand its capacity with add-on pouches you can. The pack has numerous attachment points for any clips that are interchangeable the ALICE/MALICE configuration.

There are only a few downsides to this pack in my opinion. The shoulder strap could do with slightly more padding. This is simply a personal preference, but I feel a touch more padding could add to the comfort of the bag. Secondly, I found the back panel fairly flat despite Maxpedition’s efforts to add contour and breathability to the bag. I perspired under the bag somewhat, but generally only after long periods of walking or other exertion. Finally some people may find the look too military for their purposes. In this instance, the pack is available in black which will prove to be the most neutral of the available colors.

This is an excellent and ruggedly designed bag. The workmanship is top notch, and the usability is excellent. I used it for two weeks and found it to stand up to the rigors of travel while fulfilling all of my business and tourist needs. I think this pack would serve very well for a range of purposes from travel, to commuting or just around-town use. For your next pack or bag, consider the Monsoon’s versatility, unique design and exceptional function.

Overall Rating: 4 howls (out of 5)

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

SIGG Personalization Option

One special feature of Baying Hound's SIGG bottles is that we offer a personalization option. For 99 cents we will create a unique label for your SIGG. We can print labels with up to 12 characters of text, numbers, and symbols. We chose this kind of label to be durable enough to stick to the soft touch bottles, but can be removed with a razor blade or other sharp edge.

You'll never forget which SIGG is yours!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

SIGG Kidz Bottle Review

Item: SIGG Kidz Animal Farm 0.4L Water Bottle

Material: Aluminum
Volume: 0.4L/13.5 oz
Height: 8 inches
Diameter: 2.5 inches
Top: Kidz mouthpiece with orange dust cap

Review Summary: Cute, great size for toddler, could use improvement in dust cap

Our test subject for this review was 2 year old Lillian. She immediately liked the look of this bottle and named the pig, horse, and cow. She also liked the look of the orange dust cap, but cannot remove it herself. (From a parent's perspective this is a good thing because it prevents spillage.)

I opened the dust cap and unscrewed the top one quarter turn to unlock it. Lillian started drinking with no problem. I tried a sip. The flow rate is slightly more than a standard baby sippy cup but less than an adult cycling water bottle.

We used water for our taste trials because that is what Lillian drinks most of the time. I noticed a cleaner fresher taste for water coming from the SIGG versus water from a plastic sippy cup. (Yes, just for you readers I tasted water from a plastic sippy cup.) The SIGG company describes the inner coating as an epoxy based enamel that is elastic and unbreakable. It is FDA approved for food use with even acidic fruit drinks and carbonated beverages.

When in the unlocked drinkable position, this water bottle does leak if turned upside down. When locked, Lillian could not get the bottle to leak even when I prompted her to try.

The size of this bottle is great for a toddler. It is light enough when filled that Lillian can pick it up and drink easily, yet big enough that I do not have to refill often. The bottle is big enough that I feel comfortable drinking out of it without someone thinking, "Is that woman drinking from a sippy cup?"

Lillian has only had the bottle a few days, but it has survived drops on tile, wooden, and carpeted flooring with no dents or scratches. The surface paint appears very durable. Washing is a snap because the top is big enough to allow a regular bottle brush inside for thorough cleaning.

Lillian did not like the dust cap hitting her face while she was drinking. She could not figure out how to hold the bottle and keep the cap away from her face at the same time. The adult SIGG Active Bottles have a flip top dust cap that stays away from the face when drinking. It would be a great improvement to the Kidz series work in the flip top manner.

I recommend this bottle to anyone who has a young child. It is hard to keep children hydrated and having a nifty looking attractive water bottle helps keep them drinking. I like that the SIGG company keeps manufacturing in Switzerland so they can ensure positive labor relations and high environmental standards. Although I expect this bottle to last for many years, I also like that I will be able to recycle it entirely when it is no longer useful as a bottle.

Overall Rating: 4 howls (out of 5)

Friday, November 02, 2007

SIGG Bottles are here!

The SIGG bottles arrived yesterday. We are so excited and already doing product tests. So far I love the cycling bottle and metro thermos! I am working on posting them to the store and will update here when they are available for ordering.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Maxpedition Sale Announcement

All Hard-Use Gear products are now 5% off! These prices won't last so buy now. Don't forget to use your coupon or use freemaxship to get free shipping!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Why Choose Baying Hound?

My own mother asked me the other day "Why would someone buy from you?" I guess if she's wondering, other people might be too. Here are our top four reasons we believe Baying Hound is the best retailer for you:

1) Excellent Customer Service - We answer emails within 6 hours on average. If there is any question in the processing of your order, we will contact you immediately. If we do happen to make a mistake we will correct it and do everything we can to earn your business again. Need evidence? We are eBay PowerSellers with over 1000 positive feedbacks.

2) Sustainable Business Practices - We reduce our impact on the environment and contribute positively to the community in every way that we can. We reuse boxes and packing material, buy recycled content materials, and print on both sides of paper. We currently donate 1% of profits to worthy causes and aspire to participate and donate more. Visit our blog during the first week of December to help us pick this year's charities! By buying from us, you can support our ideals, which in turn creates a better world for everyone. Can Amazon say that?

3) Web Development and Security - We use reputable companies to host our site and process payments. Currently our cart is processed by Yahoo Stores, a highly regarded secure source. Our payments are received by PayPal, another highly regarded secure site with a dispute system.

4) Discounts - Read the Hound Blog regularly for coupon codes and contests to win free stuff. We often throw in coupon codes or free stuff with your order too. If you buy for a group or unit, email us for bulk discounts. Who doesn't like to save money?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Our blog is now on Feedburner, so you can subscribe to the Baying Hound blog on all your favorite devises. Click on the link at the bottom of the blog for more details.

Monday, October 22, 2007

We went to meet Noodles, the hound puppy I wrote about a few days ago. He was adorable, to be sure. But right now is not the right time for us to have a puppy.

In fact, Alex is in France and Morocco on business the next two weeks! He will post some reviews and news items here when he gets a chance.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Coupon Offer!

Special offer for blog readers: Use the code 'blog5off30' to get $5 off $30 spent on all store sales now until October 30, 2007.

The Maxpedition order is here! All items are up for sale in the store. The gear looks really nice. Alex will take the Monsoon Gearslinger on his upcoming trip to France and write a review to be posted here.

In the meantime, I am finishing up the SIGG order for placement on Monday next week. If you have any specific requests, speak up now.

We have been half heartedly looking for a small-ish young-ish hound dog to add to the joy and chaos that is the Baying Hound life. My sister just called from the animal shelter where she works. Guess what? They have a 16 pound 18 month old male basset/beagle mix named Noodles. Dare I go look at him? Can we really handle another dog???

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Exciting news! Our maxpedition order has shipped and will be listed for sale early next week.

And, we just contacted the company SIGG to carry their ultra-durable, eco-friendly aluminum water bottles. More details coming on that soon too.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Here you see Devie, the patriotic namesake of Baying Hound Ltd. Her only contributions to the company are publicity shots like this and alerting us to delivery persons.

Final post in our series on ebay selling:

Participate in the Feedback system

  1. Include a note or business card with each package requesting feedback.
  2. We issue positive feedback for each order after payment is received and the item is shipped. This does leave us vulnerable to retaliatory or unwarranted feedback, but we place trust in others that they will be honest.
  3. Carefully consider when and if to leave negative feedback. We only leave negative feedback after we have tried to communicate with the buyer in all other ways.
Tell us your experiences with selling!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The surplus business is interesting in that there is a constantly rotating stock. It is tricky to manage and hard to grow when our customers get interested in a product, we sell out, and then can't find anymore. We also are struggling to correctly provide size and condition information because every item is different.

The past few weeks we have been busy working on our next business move: offering a line of current retail products. We looked for something that would cross over with our current military audience but move towards a retail niche that interests us more. We thought of outdoor/hiking gear and then started looking for a small manufacturer. Talks with customers and consultants in the military led us to Maxpedition Hard-Use Gear. They authorized us as a dealer earlier this week. Soon we will place our first order. Do you want us to carry a Maxpedition product you love? Comment or send an email.

Next tips in the series:

Ship Quickly

  1. Print the PayPal payment notice for an easy and complete order slip.
  2. Use USPS provided packaging whenever possible.
  3. Order from U-Line or another major supplier for cheapest packaging.
  4. Order free shipping labels from FedEx. These work with any service and only require that you sign up for a free account. Call 1-800-257-0109 and order free self-stick laser labels (part number 146525).
  5. Print labels directly from USPS for a discount.
  6. Schedule USPS carrier pickups. They are free and save you the effort of going to the post office.

Yes, sounds like we are getting kickbacks from USPS or something. In actuality, we have tried all the other major shippers and for domestic shipping (and even most international shipping) US Postal Service is the cheapest and easiest.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

We were out of town for a week, so two topics of Tips for Selling on Ebay today:

Communicate Well

  1. Track items for sale in MyEbay.
  2. Answer questions as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Accept Payment

  1. Accept as many payment forms as possible.
  2. Spend the effort to be verified with PayPal.
  3. Send an invoice through eBay as soon as the auction ends. In the notes section, thank the customer and repeat how you would like to be paid.
  4. Watch your bank account and be sure money order and personal checks clear before you ship.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Next update in the Selling on eBay series: Write a Solid Listing

  1. If you find a good eBay listing for the same or similar item you are selling, use the 'sell similar' option. Add details pertinent to your item and your information. There is nothing wrong with copying a good idea!
  2. Use all letters available in the title – tell as many pertinent details as you can.
  3. Skip the subtitle unless you are selling something available from many other sellers and you can highlight a special feature of your item.
  4. Clearly describe the item in as much detail as possible. Include measurements, sizes, and description of wear. Visit this page for an extensive list of acronyms common on eBay.
  5. Repeat your contact information and payment, shipping, and return preferences in the listing. These will be listed elsewhere by eBay, but buyers sometimes need to see the details twice.
  6. Include at least one picture, or more than one to show details.
  7. Choose the Gallery option. Buyers want to see a picture in your listing.
  8. Skip the bold/border/upgraded and other listing features. If you write a detailed listing, there is no need for this extra cost.
  9. Schedule longer length listings (5 – 7 days) if you have the time to attract more bids.
  10. Schedule auctions to end at a time when you can be available for the previous two hours for last minute questions.
  11. eBay buyers seem to be less active on Fridays and Saturdays, so avoid these for auction end times.
  12. If your item has international appeal, offer international shipping. The learning curve for getting international shipments sent is a bit steep, but there are many international users on ebay and you do not want to lose their bids. (We always include a few lines obligating the buyer to know and follow import restrictions in their country.)
  13. Rather than setting a reserve price, which costs extra and is not attractive to buyers, set your starting price at the lowest price you are willing to accept.
  14. Look at fees and set your price just below the fee change if you can. (i.e. If fees are raised at $10, set your price at $9.99)
Here is one of our most detailed store listings to give you ideas.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Our initial business model was to use eBay to sell our wares. Advantages: Ebay takes care of all the marketing, it is really easy to use, and the audience is worldwide. Disadvantages: eBay has lots of rules about content you can include, negative feedback from jerks is inevitable but still disappointing, and the fees take about 8% of our profit.

On the first day of our second year we opened a Yahoo store as another venue to sell our wares. Yahoo store Advantages: Includes some marketing, is relatively easy to use, fees less than eBay, and the content is virtually unmonitored. Yahoo store Disadvantages: Still has fees, not all that easy to customize.

Traffic to our yahoo store has been steady but most people still purchase through ebay. To entice our customers to the yahoo store, we recently reduced all prices by 5% on the yahoo store only. The next step will be to use advertising to directly pull traffic into the yahoo store.

Want to sell on eBay? We are Powersellers with our own ebay store. We have learned plenty of lessons about how to make the most profit with least headache. We will publish tips and tricks once a week. Here is the first small but important set:

Research your Item(s) for Sale

  1. Use ebay to watch items similar to yours. Look for selling price as a guideline for what you can expect to earn.
  2. Use collector’s guides or retail stores to determine details about the item specifics.
  3. Measure all applicable parts including dimensions and weight.
Stay tuned for next week's tips to Write a Solid Listing

Sunday, August 12, 2007

News since last May:
Our virtual location has changed to
Our real life location has changed to zip code 43202.
We ended last year (2006) with sales over $50,000. We proudly donated 2% of our profits to animal rescue organizations at the end of the year.
We are making contacts to expand into the outdoor equipment arena.

It has been a long time since we updated the blog, but we are growing and starting to write again, more frequently this time. We hope to use the blog to get feedback from our customers and reach new audiences. What would you like to see on Baying Hound next?