Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Five Things to do with your SIGG

Other than take a drink, that is.

1) Call in the hounds with a thermos.

2) Use as an icepack: a SIGG filled with cold water will take the edge of a bruise or cool you down on a hot day.
3) Roll out some dough. Empty or full, SIGG 1 L bottles make a great substitute rolling pin.
4) Defend yourself. I take some comfort thinking my nighttime water bottle could be thrown at an intruder. Well...maybe not the best defense, but at least the bottle wouldn't get broken if thrown and it's better than sleeping with a frying pan on your bedside table!
5) Play a song.

1 comment:

aem8604 said... have way too much time on your hands. It's just sad. Do we need to find you need a better hobby? Is this a cry for help?

Your concerned cousin,