Sunday, November 04, 2007

SIGG Kidz Bottle Review

Item: SIGG Kidz Animal Farm 0.4L Water Bottle

Material: Aluminum
Volume: 0.4L/13.5 oz
Height: 8 inches
Diameter: 2.5 inches
Top: Kidz mouthpiece with orange dust cap

Review Summary: Cute, great size for toddler, could use improvement in dust cap

Our test subject for this review was 2 year old Lillian. She immediately liked the look of this bottle and named the pig, horse, and cow. She also liked the look of the orange dust cap, but cannot remove it herself. (From a parent's perspective this is a good thing because it prevents spillage.)

I opened the dust cap and unscrewed the top one quarter turn to unlock it. Lillian started drinking with no problem. I tried a sip. The flow rate is slightly more than a standard baby sippy cup but less than an adult cycling water bottle.

We used water for our taste trials because that is what Lillian drinks most of the time. I noticed a cleaner fresher taste for water coming from the SIGG versus water from a plastic sippy cup. (Yes, just for you readers I tasted water from a plastic sippy cup.) The SIGG company describes the inner coating as an epoxy based enamel that is elastic and unbreakable. It is FDA approved for food use with even acidic fruit drinks and carbonated beverages.

When in the unlocked drinkable position, this water bottle does leak if turned upside down. When locked, Lillian could not get the bottle to leak even when I prompted her to try.

The size of this bottle is great for a toddler. It is light enough when filled that Lillian can pick it up and drink easily, yet big enough that I do not have to refill often. The bottle is big enough that I feel comfortable drinking out of it without someone thinking, "Is that woman drinking from a sippy cup?"

Lillian has only had the bottle a few days, but it has survived drops on tile, wooden, and carpeted flooring with no dents or scratches. The surface paint appears very durable. Washing is a snap because the top is big enough to allow a regular bottle brush inside for thorough cleaning.

Lillian did not like the dust cap hitting her face while she was drinking. She could not figure out how to hold the bottle and keep the cap away from her face at the same time. The adult SIGG Active Bottles have a flip top dust cap that stays away from the face when drinking. It would be a great improvement to the Kidz series work in the flip top manner.

I recommend this bottle to anyone who has a young child. It is hard to keep children hydrated and having a nifty looking attractive water bottle helps keep them drinking. I like that the SIGG company keeps manufacturing in Switzerland so they can ensure positive labor relations and high environmental standards. Although I expect this bottle to last for many years, I also like that I will be able to recycle it entirely when it is no longer useful as a bottle.

Overall Rating: 4 howls (out of 5)

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