Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Guyot Designs Microbites Review

When first given the Guyot's “MicroBites” eating utensils, I was skeptical. I mean, it is plastic AND a spork—how good can it be? But one use has made a believer out of me! Although not actually used in a camping context (that will come this weekend), I used the utensils to eat my dinner the other night (gotta love it when hubby has dish duty!). They work a treat! The knife cuts really well—even through steak—and the spork is effective as—well both a spoon and a fork. With the wonderful feature of being able to clip these to a pack, these utensils are seriously all you need to camp or travel—in the wilderness or in the urban jungle. Carry these in your purse or briefcase and no more will you need the flimsy plastic silverware handed out at fast food joints. Not to mention the green aspect—no more tossing away plastic to sit in a landfill for decades. .

All in all, MicroBites are easy to use, work surprisingly well and are very cost effective! A perfect addition for any camper. Or mom. Or business person. Or...well you get the point. Now get some of these!

Review by Chris Jonard, the Quintessential Quill
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Microbites specifications:
Material: BPA free nylon polymer
Weight: <1 ounces (22 grams)
Length: 6 inches
Heat safe: to 450 deg. F
Color: tomato red, tangerine orange, slate grey
Cost: $4.95 at Baying Hound

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