Thursday, July 03, 2008

Craft your own Klean Kanteen/SIGG holder!

We track blog posts about Klean Kanteens and SIGGs, of course. Sometimes we see posts about hand crafted bottle covers/holders. If you know how to crochet or knit, check these out:

Crochet holder for Klean Kanteen sippy by Miracles & Dreams
Crochet pattern for Klean Kanteen 27 ounce by Vegan Crochet
Knit pattern adaptation by Life with Girls
Knit Water bottle tote by Lana Knits
Knit Water bottle Cover by Flying Sticks
Knit Felted Bottle Cozy by Lion Brand Wool

Two standard disclaimers - 1) I have not knit or crochet the above patterns myself so I can only believe the author's words that they actually fit. 2) As with all patterns, rights remain with the author. These should not be used to produce commercial product without permission.

Don't knit? Check out these Etsy sellers offering handmade covers for sale:
GretchensCreations (pictured above)

If you need the bottle first, check out our Klean Kanteens and SIGGs in stock.

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kasanika said...

Thanks for linking to my etsy shop! I am so addicted to Klean Kanteens and Sigg bottles, in total I have six!