Saturday, September 20, 2008

Package Handling

We use USPS to ship most packages at Baying Hound because we love the convenience of door to door delivery and the prices, especially on international packages, are impossible to beat. We usually order carrier pickups, the USPS service where carriers pick up packages directly from our door. Since they come here every day anyways, this is an ecofriendly choice too because it requires no extra transportation. Here's a picture snapped by nearly 3 year old Lil of Devie waiting for the mail.

Someday I'll take a video so you can hear her bay. I'm surprised Maria (our carrier) ever returns with the ferocity of Devie's bark.

When carrier pickup doesn't work out (usually because I forget to schedule it) we take packages directly to the post office. As often as possible we do this by bike to reduce our impact:

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