Thursday, October 02, 2008

More houshold toxins news

Newsweek online has an article about household toxins up right now. One of the main toxins of concern right now is BPA in food/beverage containers. It is nice to see this issue getting exposure in the media as we feel it is an important issue people need to be aware of.

I was especially pleased to see mention of canned foods in the article. We've been especially concerned about this issue for some time as foods stay in contact wit the BPA-containing material for extended periods of time in cans. Also, many foods are acidic in nature (tomatoes, any fruit, etc…) which will only serve to increase the leaching potential from the plastic liner. As a solution, we can a lot of our own food in the home. Rachel had a marathon session last month and canned a huge amount of tomato sauce and apple sauce for use over the winter. We also make extensive use of vacuum sealing and our deep freezer for food storage/preservation.

So what do you all think? How concerned are you about BPA? What do you do to prevent this chemical from entering your food supply?

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