Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day Nine of Green Gifts and Tips: Shoulder Tote and Cleaning Before the Party

You need something to hold all the presents, right? Try an oversized reusable bag! You might have a paper one laying around from all the holiday shopping. If you don't already have a good collection of durable cloth bags, consider the Toteyl reclaimed billboard shoulder tote from Green Guru Gear. It's made in the USA of reclaimed materials. $29.95 in a variety of patterns.Tip of the day: When cleaning for holiday guests (or any time of the year), we suggest slowly replacing expensive harsh chemical cleaners and disposable wipes/towels with natural solutions and reusable rags. We use vinegar and old newspaper for windows and compost the newspaper when we are done. Vinegar and tea tree oil diluted with warm water is our mopping solution.

For bathrooms and other cleaning, we LOVE Charlie's Soap All Purpose cleaner. It is safe, non toxic to children and pets, and not scented. Best of all, unlike most natural cleaners we try, Charlie's actually works. If you are a local friend, email me to come by and pickup a free sample, as Charlie's gave me an extra gallon (!) in my last order and I want to share the eco-friendly cleaning love.

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