Thursday, December 04, 2008

Day Two of Green Gifts and Tips: Wallets and Charity

Today we feature a classic gift updated for the green generation: wallets. Green Guru Gear makes these fantastic wallets from reclaimed billboard material and bike tire innertubes. Both have two bill pockets and 6 sleeves for IDs and credit cards made of 100% recycled PETE. They make great gifts for the hipster or cyclist in your life. $24.25 each.

Our tip of the day: Consider charities in your gift giving. In this economy, non profits are needed more than ever, yet have fewer resources to manage the growing need. Maybe you can afford to give part of a holiday bonus to your local food bank or animal shelter. Perhaps someone on your gift list is passionate about a cause and you could give to the cause instead of buying a physical present. Or, get a great gift and benefit nonprofits by bidding on our charity auctions going on now.

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Raptor235 said...

Great Tips, I'm amazed to think just 3-4 years ago and compare it to now... the green movement has definitely exploded and sites like this are definitely a huge reason why...

Sharing green tips exposes people to a lot of different things they can try to do their part for the environment :) I'll definitely will be visiting more often... There is a huge list of green tips ( here too, check them out if you can and remember spread the green word.